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Nothing is overlooked with Pegmatis hardware & system design

Pegmatis, an elite engineering company, has a full complement of highly experienced mechanical, electronic, firmware, system-level designers and architects under one roof who will bridge the gap between realizing product vision and delivering it into production. The company approaches module or system-level architecture design and development by expertly aligning the effort with interoperability, manufacturing and assembly, product testing, certification and homologation. 

Pegmatis’ expertise stems from having launched scores of products spanning many categories and the company fully leverages this experience in its approach to design and development. The team engages with clients either to supplement an engineering gap or to outright lead a complex project.  

Pegmatis is a team of product designers, technology experts and innovators who will strive to be its customers’ preferred long-term business partner of choice. The company delivers more than products – The team focuses on specific business needs, everything from ideation to manufacturing partner selection. 

Pegmatis’ specialty resides in complex system design where flawless execution into production is a requirement. Some of the company’s core capabilities include rugged and small form factor complex injection molded mechanicals including material selection (e.g. for environmental and biocompatibility) and manufacturability, impedance-controlled and high-speed electrical designs, expertly designed RF circuitry laid out and tuned to custom use-cases, all merged with robust firmware to drive product. The team at Pegmatis has extensive experience with most RF protocols and modules and can help with connectivity challenges. 

Additionally, Pegmatis’ highly coveted hardware design process fuses all aspects of design and development that converge to deliver a high-quality product ready to meet its clients’ customer needs, ultimately meeting critical business objectives. Pegmatis provides value in any design engagement. All Pegmatis’ designers completely understand that cross-discipline interactions are a necessary ingredient for a successful project. It is the company’s mantra to work openly with all industrial, hardware, firmware and software designers to ensure that the product vision is always kept front and center during the design process and that the entire product team is aligned and has solid, achievable deliverables.

Pegmatis capitalizes on experience and technology to engineer a better future. For more information, visit Pegmatis. 

About Pegmatis
Pegmatis began as a Fortune 500 company’s elite design center working with their top-tier customers from design ideation, cost-driven design architecture up to launching scores of high-volume products into the market. Chances are you have used or worked with a product that we have designed. We have developed high-tech products like mobile smart phones and connected streaming devices, to ultra-high-end audio and medical products. As of 2016, Pegmatis has been operating under its own banner and has continued to provide high fidelity design and manufacturing services to customers, leveraging our network for mass production. Same Dream Team but add an elite software team and you have Pegmatis. Truly a complete end-to-end design partner in hardware, software or both.