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NCA’s Employees and Customers Are the Path to Its Emerging Success

By Stephen Lehocky, President of National Circuit Assembly

National Circuit Assembly (NCA) has resources that has set the company apart from any other circuit assembly companies in the area. Their diverse working environment, along with their latest technologically advanced equipment are just some of the many components that help form the foundation of NCA. The company provides fully integrated PCB, cable and electro/mechanical manufacturing and test services to leading OEMs in the semiconductor, telecommunications, transportation, networking, medical, industrial controls, radio frequency (RF), and other high-technology industries. 

The company recently appointed a new president, Stephen Lehocky, who is looking forward to progressing NCA to the next level. He said that the company’s sights are set on being known as a world-class PCB manufacturer. To do this, NCA must maintain an exceptional quality level and add increased agility and flexibility to its processes. These are the key elements for lean manufacturing. The company has set some impressive and aggressive goals in the next five to seven years that will set it apart from other manufacturers. Look for NCA to be more active in the PCB community to showcase its exceptional processes and results. In the short term, look for NCA to implement new technology in purchasing while aggressively pursuing sales in new and current markets. Lehocky is confident in the value NCA brings to its customers in delivering the highest quality and best prices.

NCA has been a successful manufacturing company for 12 years. Lehocky said that NCA is set apart from other EMS companies because of its approach in taking care of both employees and customers, and the management team works hard to provide what they need to be successful. NCA has an inverted pyramid structure, the operators are creating the value for the customer. Through partnering with customers and employees, the company can build the most cost-efficient, high-quality solutions possible. NCA is about teamwork. The diversity of workforce and the individual skills the team brings, along with recognizing customer strengths, is what sets the company apart. With each day and every project, Lehocky said they are constantly asking “how could we have done this better?” NCA’s passion is to find, develop, implement, innovative, and provide agile solutions, and to do whatever it takes based on sound principles to overcome obstacles, achieve success and make a difference for its customers.

The company views its employees as the core of its exceptional quality and as its “secret weapon.” Because of this, NCA takes care of its employees by offering intensive training, recognition programs and more. Lehocky said that the company has operators that run high-speed, very advanced computers and robots. These operators are responsible for assembling extremely complex PCBs using robotic manufacturing capabilities. This requires a high level of attention to detail and programing skills. Additionally, its hand solder experts are amazing. They work at the level of a brain surgeon, soldering wires almost as thin as a human hair under microscopes. Investing in employees keeps them engaged and updated to the latest technologies. NCA is also investing in the next generation of employees with college intern programs. Over the summer, three students worked on projects to improve the company’s quality and delivery. They received real-life experiences that benefitted both their learning and the company. NCA is planning to expand programs like these to help local students and communities in the Dallas area.

In addition to investing in its employees, NCA invests daily in the United States. Its “Made in America” slogan is appealing, especially during this time of international turmoil with new trade barriers on the horizon. Keeping the company’s manufacturing based solely in the United States has positively impacted its business. NCA has a reputation for working with companies that don’t have the resources to go overseas. Its location in the central United States provides the ability to quickly communicate with customers and to be highly flexible to their needs. Lehocky added that the company works face to face with customers and partners as their needs change to continue offering the best solutions. This is something that cannot be achieved with overseas sourcing. Finally, companies are very serious about protecting their intellectual property. When working with NCA,  customers have the peace of mind that their designs and engineering breakthroughs are protected.

NCA’s employees are very proud of this country and the advances that the United States brings to the world. Much of the technology enjoyed in the civilian sector was developed in the space program and the defense industry. Americans are seeing a resurgence in the space program, through the commercial, and private companies that are now challenging space. These companies need a reliable supplier of high-quality advanced electronics to survive the harsh environments of space. Many of these projects are high-tech and low-volume. This is the environment NCA grew up in and with its AS9100D certification as well as its experience working with new products, the company can provide next-level quality for the best price. 

Lehocky added that he is pleased with the direction NCA will be heading in the future. The potential in the space and defense sector is breathtaking. NCA is going to move from being an adopter of technology and business opportunities to a leader. For example, electronic devices are in every part of our lives. People and companies are investing in these devices and, like everything, these devices will need to be repaired. People and companies cannot wait weeks and months for their devices to be repaired. This is a challenge that NCA can remedy. Its highly skilled staff of “brain surgeons” cannot be matched in diagnosing and fixing problems, and the company is in the process of developing the capability to triage and repair electronics quickly. NCA continues to add manufacturing equipment and software solutions to enhance its capabilities and its ability to communicate with customers in real time. Lehocky said that he can imagine a future in which customers will log into a computer portal and watch their products move through manufacturing or repair in real time, similar to the technology that is used in the food industry. Through teaming with local universities and engineering interns, NCA will be on the cutting edge of technology. 

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