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Ersa to Offer VOC-free Fluxes from Interflux as Alcohol Supplies Get Diverted to Fight Pandemic

Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, is pleased to announce that it is offering Interflux’s SelectIF 2040 and PacIFic 2009M VOC-free fluxes. Due to the recent demand for isopropyl alcohol, many companies are changing to water-based (VOC-free) fluxes instead of alcohol-based fluxes for their selective soldering and wave soldering processes. 

 “As the COVID 19 Pandemic rages on, manufacturers of hand sanitizers and cleaning products are scrambling to meet the global demand,” stated Albrecht Beck, President & COO Kurtz Ersa, Inc. “This demand has caused the price of isopropyl alcohol to skyrocket and IPA stock levels to be depleted.  Flux manufacturers in Europe already have been seeing shortages of IPA to make alcohol-based fluxes. It’s most likely that we will see such shortage in our market also if not already.”

Changing over to a water-based flux is relatively easy. In most cases, a reduction of the spray volume is enough to achieve the same soldering results. In some cases, a slight increase of the preheating can be required. This makes these water-based fluxes virtually a drop-in replacement for any alcohol-based flux.

The Interflux SelectIF 2040 is a VOC-free, absolutely halide-free, no-clean, selective soldering flux.  Ersa has performed testing against other popular, alcohol-based selective solder fluxes with fantastic results.   

The Interflux PacIFic 2009M is a VOC-free, absolutely halide-free, low residue, high reliability, no-clean wave soldering flux that has very high compatibility with conformal coatings.

On request, Ersa is providing test samples out of its Wisconsin warehouse. For more information or pricing on these products, please contact