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Soldering and Joint Encapsulation with One Step Reflow from SHENMAO

SHENMAO America, Inc.’s Joint Enhanced Solder Paste (JEP) PF606-EP305 offers the advantages of both conventional solder paste and anisotropic conductive paste, i.e., self-alignment and planar insulation, respectively. JEP enables soldering and joint encapsulation in one step reflow.

The new epoxy-based solder material is designed for very fine pad size (70 μm) soldering, especially for advanced display packaging and assembly. It is compatible with various surface finishes, with a transparent residue and no cleaning required.

SHENMAO’s JEP is eco-friendly with both lead-free and halogen-free. Halogen can generate hazardous gas at high temperature and the use is restricted. SHENMAO halogen-free JEP materials meet J-STD standard (1000ppm Chlorine/ 1000ppm Bromine) and IEC standard (900ppm Chlorine/ 900ppm Bromine/ 1500ppm Total halogens). 

SHENMAO has successfully been approved by many international well-known electronic manufacturers. The company strives to offer the best quality without compromising cost and time-to-market while providing maximum value to all customers. SHENMAO America, Inc. blends SMT solder paste at its facility in San Jose, CA for distribution in North America.

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SHENMAO is dedicated to the production of solder products including Water Soluble and No-clean Solder Paste, Laser Solder Paste, Solder Preforms, Cored Solder Wire, Wave Solder Bar Alloys, Wave Soldering Fluxes, Extremely Pure Solder Powder up to Type 8, BGA and Micro BGA Solder Sphere, Wafer Level Packaging Solder Paste and Fluxes, LED Die Attach Paste, High Performance Liquid Fluxes, Solder Preform, Solar Ribbon, Plating Anode used in PCB Fabrication, Assembly and Semiconductor Packaging Processes.